Most kids don’t have access to the same metaphysical classes their parents do.

Welcome to Merry Mystics Spirit Camps

The summer camp where kids learn extraordinary spiritual life skills to empower them to thrive at any challenge.

And have a blast.

You want your kids to reach their full potential, no matter what life throws at them.

But let’s face it, we don’t learn how to balance our chakras in P.E. class.

We know it’s hard to find the right spiritual mentor for your child.

Our extraordinary Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp curriculum has been chosen by hundreds of parents and empowered spiritual superstars across the country.

The great news? You can sign your kids up for Spirit Camp right here!

The last thing we want is for our kids to enter the world unprepared.

Every child leaves Spirit Camp with a toolbox full of skills to navigate life’s challenges with grace and ease.

And they can’t want to come back next summer.

Psst... Does your inner child want to go to camp too? Check out Spirit Camp for Adults!

"It is THE camp I wish was available when I was a kid... I can’t say enough amazing things about it! Clara’s been 3 yrs and Vivian went for the first time this year. They learn chakras, breathing exercises, find their animal spirit guides, and using skills for comfort and protection. It’s absolutely amazing!!"

Marylena Chaisson

Praise for Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp Curriculum

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Spirit Camp for Kids
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About Spirit Camp

At Merry Mystics, our premiere offering for deepening your child's spiritual empowerment is our 5 day summer day camp, Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp for Kids.

We don't just see the Divine in your child. We invite them out to play!

We welcome ages 5-12 to join the fun.

The Child with Exceptional Self-Resourcing

We know school nourishes our minds, sports nourishes our bodies, but who nourishes our Inner Being?

That's where Spirit Camp comes in!

When your camper learn to explore their inner world using practices of modern and ancient wisdom, they become empowered to self-resource. This means when trouble arises with themselves or others, they have a wide variety of holistic approaches to choose from to respond, not react.This helps children avoid:

- Making decisions that are not in their best interest
- Getting stuck in other people's negative energy
- Ungroundedness in emotionally challenging situations
- The fear of being unsupported as they follow their dreams

These important skills can last a lifetime, but make no mistake - learning them is fun!

Modules are introduced through games, crafts, songs, and stories.

Kids can't wait for the next day of camp!

Every Hero has their Inner Toolbelt

Every child finishes Spirit Camp with their very own physical “Spirit Toolbox” full of the holistic tools that helped them transform throughout the week. These tools help foster resilience, adaptability, centeredness, and joy! Kids continue to resource their Spirit Camp tools long after the last day of camp, and for many children they become a part of their daily routine.We know what you're thinking. We'll say it: These tools can make tough parenting situations a lot easier (yup, you know the ones.)And parents and caregivers, we want you to experience the Spirit Camp magic too!

Our last day of Spirit Camp includes a Closing Ceremony open to friends and family.

"[My girls] came home full of stories and new knowledge, eager to tell me all about the new adventure they had experienced that day. And at the end of the week, they were in a new and different space with more awareness and consciousness as they went through their days.Now, my youngest will come up and ask if I'd like her to check my chakras and have them cleansed- something that would not have happened before Spirit Camp."

Jessica Peill-Meininghaus

Praise for Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp Curriculum

What's the Secret?

Here's how our campers become Spiritual Superstars:

Self Confidence & Inner Empowerment

✦ Connect to their inner wisdom and intuition
✹ Discern the voices of their Inner Champion and Inner Critic
✦ Use affirmations to connect with their self worth and power

Connecting to Nature

✦ Practice mindfulness in Nature with all senses
✹ Create crafts with natural materials
✦ Thank Mother Earth with birdseeds from our Sacred Pouches
✹ Understand the importance of the 4 elements and 4 directions

Understanding Energy

✹ Protecting their energy in challenging situations
✦ Tune into and balance their chakras
✹ Cultivate awareness for the “energy bubbles” of ourselves and others

Mind-Body Connection

✦ Cultivate awareness for their own states of groundedness
✹ Use easy and powerful breathing techniques to change their emotional state
✦ Use EFT Tapping to release emotional and physical resistance
✹ Listen for the whisper of our hearts

How to Fix a Bad Day

✦ Access the peace within through visualizations
✹ Make and and utilize Meditation Jars
✦ Finding & using our power animal for inner resourcing
✹ Create a “How to Fix a Bad Day” booklet at the end of the week of all the wisdom they learn at Spirit Camp

Our curriculum is top notch. Are you ready for your child to be more spiritually savvy than most adults? Sign up for camp here:

"My son learned so much ... at Spirit Camp - things that I have only learned and experienced in my adult life.He learned to slow down and truly connect with others and with nature. He felt so empowered from the skills that he learned, and I watched his self-esteem and confidence grow with each day.He is a very active child and he learned how to calm himself through breathing and guided visualizations, and more importantly he learned how his energy flows!Each night after camp he would teach me about the things he learned."

Bodhi Simpson

Praise for Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp Curriculum

Camp Logistics

This section coming soon! Please email with any questions.

Workshops, Day camps, & week-long camps

Dates & Locations

This page has three different camp offerings! Scroll all the way down to find our week-long summer camps :)

1. Spring 2023 Chakra Shenanigans Workshops

2-4:30 PM Saturdays Monthly 2/18, 3/11, 4/15, 5/13

Earthspace PDX: 4135 SE Gladstone St.
Portland, OR 97202

Learn about the energy system in our bodies known as the chakras using songs, art, and games! Make pendulums to access our intuition, learn to use a pendulum to see which chakras are open/closed, and ways to open our chakras.Registration includes a child-made pendulum and chakra stone set.For kids aged 5-12. 4 yrs old ok with parent.$25-$45/child, sliding scale. Parents welcome to join!Same-day sign up available, advance registration preferred.

2. Spring 2023 Saturday Spirit Camp Series

10 AM - 4 PM Every Other Saturday starting 3/18Day #1: 3/18
Day #2: 4/1
Day #3: 4/15
Day #4: 4/29

Earthspace PDX: 4135 SE Gladstone St.
Portland, OR 97202

Find power through holistic tools: together we'll learn to connect to our intuition, create affirmations, protect our energy, meet our Inner Critic and Inner Champion, find peace through mindfulness, and so much more! Crafts, stories, and songs included.To learn more about our camp curriculum material, check out our About Spirit Camp For Kids page. Activities in our Spring Day Camp series will be drawn from the week-long camp material, plus some activities you'll only find in this series! Each day is different than the others.For ages 5-12.$85/day, $70 with sign-up of 2+ days. Parents welcome to join for some or all!Same-day sign up available, advance registration preferred.

3. Summer 2023 Week-Long Spirit Camps

(On mobile, scroll left and right to see all the goodies)

1June 19-235-12Portland, ORUnity of Portland4525 SE Stark St.Click here to register after 1/31
2June 26-305-12Seattle, WACenter for Spiritual Living6318 Linden Ave NClick here to register after 1/31
3July 17-215-12Portland, ORUnity of Portland4525 SE Stark St.Click here to register after 1/31
4July 7/24-285-12Portland, ORWest Hills UU8470 SW Oleson Rd.Click here to register after 1/31
5August 7-115-12Portland, ORUnity of Portland4525 SE Stark St.Click here to register after 1/31
6August 14-18AdultsPortland, ORWest Hills UU8470 SW Oleson Rd.Click here to register after 1/31

Prices & Accessibility:

Week-long camps are $365 per child for early bird registrations before 3/1. Regular registration is $395.Drop off your camper between 8:45 - 9 AM, pick up between 3:45 - 4 PM.All camp facilities are ADA accessible.For more information on our incredible Spirit Camp for Kids curriculum, check out About Spirit Camp For Kids pageMore information about the Spirit Camp for Adults curriculum coming soon!More information on our FAQ page coming soon!

Register above by clicking the links in the last column. Registration opens 1/31!

Spirit camp for adults

Spirit Camp for Adults will take place August 14-18, 2023.Check back here for more info soon.More sessions of Spirit Camp for Adults may be added in September.If you'd like to join a September or future session of Spirit Camp for Adults, send us a message here and let us know!Please join our email list here to find out when new events are added.Feel free to reach out to for questions. Have a blessed day! 🌈

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hey there! This page is under construction at the moment. Please reach out to for questions. Have a blessed day! 🌈

About Lisa

Lisa Swartz is the lead teacher and organizer of Merry Mystics camps and workshops.

Lisa is a heart-centered, playful facilitator of healing and connection. She has evolved deeply through returning to Oneness through dance, yoga, meditation, shadow work, qi gong, connecting to nature, and healing in community. Lisa sought her Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp Teacher certification in order to share a sampling of the metaphysical tools that have gracefully guided her to walk an embodied, awakened path. Spirit Camp is what Lisa wishes she had as a kid! Additionally, Lisa is a certified Nia Technique White Belt and holds a BS in physics. She can’t wait to share practical tools to connect your child deeper to their powerful Self and nourish their beautiful Light within.

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